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We are teachers, volunteers, board members, community partners, and parents who celebrate the beauty, worth, and value of each diverse story. We proudly demonstrate ethical and trustworthy leadership whose sole value lies in lifting children into prosperous futures.

Our Staff
Samuel Gabriel Founder and Executive Director of Genesis Youth Foundation
Samuel Gabriel

Founder & Executive Director

Tricia Gabriel Director of Arts Programming at Genesis Youth Foundation
Tricia Gabriel

Director Of Arts Programming

A Message From Sam Gabriel

Founder & Executive Director

I came from the Ivory Coast as a refugee and soccer was my motivation when coming to the US.  I played for Iowa United for a year but my parents were limited in not only their written and spoken English but also the hidden rules of middle class Iowa. The expenses & transportation involved with formalized soccer were a burden that the coaches and other parents had to take care of because my family could not.  When the next year came around, I was not selected to play on the team even though my talent was above average.  I kept hearing the word burden and the feeling of not being included in the very thing that gave me hope when coming to the US caused many complications while growing up.  

On top of soccer was my academic story.  I came with a fifth grade education level from the refugee camps and was immediately placed in the 7th grade which I was unprepared for.  I struggled with my school work and have spent years trying to educate myself. I am proud to say that in 2018 I became a college graduate after obtaining my bachelor's in Health Administration at Mercy College. Understanding the struggles of my youth and knowing I needed a better support system from my community and my own parents brought me to the point I am today. This is why I created Genesis."

Sam Gabriel / Founder & Executive Director

Our Board
Nick Peterson Board Chair and Fundraiser at Genesis Youth Foundation
Nick Peterson


Gayla Nesbitt Board Vicechair and Secretary at Genesis Youth Foundation
Gayla Nesbitt

Board Vicechair & Secretary

Joshua Kasibbo Treasurer at Genesis Youth Foundation
Anupam Mittra
Joshua Kasibbo

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