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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It’s hard to believe with our current frigid temperatures, but at Genesis Youth Foundation, we’re already thinking about summer! During the summer, many immigrant and refugee youth lack access to quality summer engagement and educational programming.  And when we see that our kids have a need, we do everything we can to meet it. That’s where the Central Iowa Global Summer Soccer League comes in!

In 2018, Genesis Youth Foundation partnered with the Iowa Department of Human Rights to launch a pilot summer project that targets refugee and immigrant youth development during the summer months.

Due to the success of last year’s program, which served more than 75 Iowa youths, we are happy to once again partner with the Iowa Department of Human Rights to host the 2nd Annual Central Iowa Global Summer Soccer League!  We’re working hard to make this year better than ever by including an educational curriculum to pair with the soccer development programming. We will incorporate a half-time platform to bring education and leadership development to youth participants each game night.  We’ll be engaging community leaders of diverse backgrounds to engage and help develop our kids all year ‘round!

So mark your calendars for Thursday and Friday nights, July 11th through August 2nd! We’ll be sending out more information soon. Be on the look-out for sign-ups and volunteer and donation opportunities!

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